Take Care of YOU, optimise your health and learn how to live your best life, happier and healthier

Welcome to my Women's Health Academy where I focus on teaching you how to feel your best in all areas of your health and life

My courses are designed to fit easily into your lifestyle and can help you to...

  • Overcome Anxiety, Phobias and Fears
  • Build Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Achieve your Goals
  • Manage your Weight
  • Optimise your Hormonal Health
  • Experience better Relationships
  • Manage your Menopause

Join my growing community and library of courses built especially for women by women

Vibrant Empowered Strong

"I can highly recommend Sarah and her work, she has really helped me to gain back control in all areas of my life. I was feeling really low, had little confidence and was really struggling with my menopausal symptoms. Since working with Sarah and signing up to her classes I feel `100% better, thank you so much Sarah!

- Emma Buckworth


Nutrition Support


Hi, I’m Sarah Pinckney, a Women's Health and Life Coach. I am so passionate about inspiring and empowering women of all ages to look and feel their best. I have been a Health and Wellness practitioner for over 10 years and combine all my skills and knowledge to create therapies, classes and courses to help and support every aspect of a womans life. I specialise in working with women through midlife optimising hormonal health, get this right and every part of our health benefits, we feel AMAZING! Energised, focused and able to maintain a healthy weight too.

Come on a journey of self discovery with me, letting go of what doesn't serve you so that you can shine brighter, happier, healthier and stronger!